I can not rest ...

 More recently, people did not know what chronic fatigue syndrome. Today, this disease is familiar to almost everyone and is considered one of the most common diseases. Blame modern transience of life. People go to work longer than the restoration of health and strength. Thus, sooner or later they begin to realize that they can not relax at all.

In today's society is able to rest only a small part of the people, and there are several reasons.

The very first reason for the lack of rest are the settings that a child gives parents and teachers. Suffice it to recall proverbs and sayings that are familiar to all. For example, 'Cause time fun hour "," easily and not catch fish from the pond. " As a result, people in adulthood suggests that some rest and do not need at all - must constantly work.

Another reason is that people - workaholism. It is completely dipped into work, while not getting pleasure from hobbies, socializing with friends and family. In this case, if the service might be a nuisance, a man can not even unwind and switch your thoughts on the positive aspects.

Another installation, robs man rest, is the need to work hard to succeed in life. For this reason, people are willing to put all their energies into a career, sacrificing legal holidays.

Often people refuse to rest, citing the fact that they have insufficient funds. But who said that the holiday should be done without fail in foreign hotels? You can simply go to the country and spend two weeks (or month) with a good book in hand, sleep until noon and only deal with favorite things.

Finally, another reason why people refuse to rest, is strongly expressed a sense of responsibility, which does not allow them to retire quietly. And what, after all colleagues will not be able to run the project without your direct involvement. But do not overestimate their own indispensability too. There is always a staff member who will be able to fulfill your responsibilities.

Doctors have long shown that people who can not rest, are more prone to depression, weight gain, and even the risk of premature death. That is why man needs rest. It is something in the likeness of cleaning the body. It is only important to follow a few rules to regain strength and rid yourself of chronic fatigue.

Find a hobby, that is your favorite activity that will help you relax and rejuvenate.

Do not sacrifice sleep. Night's sleep - a very important time for recuperation and health. The main rules: time to go to sleep, not to stay long in front of the TV or the computer, do not drink alcohol and do not eat before going to bed. Sleepless night necessarily bad for health throughout the day, on the exterior and on the state of health. Sleep well people cheerful, energetic, good looking and confident.

On weekends, you need to distract from all the problems of production, to completely change the type of occupation, forgetting about the everyday environment. For a good holiday, you can go to the country, to go with friends to a campaign, to spend the weekend with his family in the countryside. But the weekend spent in idleness on the couch watching TV, only add fatigue, lethargy and apathy.

Rest properly on vacation - is a science. In no case can not be venturing on vacation General cleaning, repairs, construction, etc. On vacation you need to break away from everyday life, be sure to change the situation: to travel, to go to the sea, to visit places that have long wanted to meet up with old friends.

Properly organized leisure give health, good health, good spirits and great memories.

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