How to make yourself forget the man

How to make yourself forget the man
 Sometimes people go out of your life. Migrate to other countries, arguing, leave. When the hope that the relationship is no longer, but to live one last unbearable, you need to make every effort to forget the person.  
 How long have you decided to reprimand and realized that you do not continue on the path. Would have long time to start to live, meet new people and enjoy the interesting events ... But all of your thoughts revolve around one person, and to cope with it there is no power. Order does not think it is impossible, it remains only to find other ways.

Do not forget the simple truth - time heals. So, soon will come and everything will be happy times. And do not be surprised that after a long relationship gap is so painful. It's all going through. And you too will experience.

First of all, stop fantasizing. If you are soberly aware that the chances for the continuation of the novel is not, forbid themselves to represent the happy scenes together. Hang on a wrist band and pull the it, slapped his hand every time the thoughts return again. So quit smoking, that is struggling with addiction. Namely addiction and you are suffering.

Remove anything that reminds you of the past. It is not necessary for all destroy any relationship with him, but let the joint photograph, the number in the phonebook, sms, gifts will not be constantly in front of you.

Be honest with yourself. Today, it seems that everything was perfect. But, of course, there were quarrels, some former habits annoy you. He - an ordinary man, not your only destiny. Remember that.

Your say about your feelings. If you still have grievances, write them a letter. But do not send it. Sign a blog, where every day describe your emotions and thoughts. When you give this information to the paper, it will cease to occupy your mind.

Engage yourself. Suppose you have no time for unnecessary thoughts. Completely changed - from the exterior to the interests. Find a hobby, friends, start to move towards its goal. In the end, just load themselves with work - then to the personal experience of time left.

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