How to get rid of melancholy

How to get rid of melancholy
 Causeless and sudden, it can overtake you at any time of life - human longing covers as gray-green muddy water of the swamp. In order not to drown in the hopelessness of this, it is necessary, as the unforgettable Baron Munchausen, pull yourself out of your hair. That's just not necessary to stick a bad mood, how would this be desirable, or your condition may get worse when you look at the scales.
 There are lots of things that always raise your mood. Think of them and make a list of the most attractive for you. There can get anything, the point is to remember and think of pleasant things. You may have not noticed, you start to plan a hike in the spa, shopping with girlfriends and date with a loved one, and if you do not have any, then with a mysterious stranger.

For a species can be a little more pokuksitsya, but not for long. If you do not help the cause of pink list or anguish in the impossibility to spend a little money on a girl's joy, find the positive in these circumstances. If not in the refrigerator delicious cakes, spicy cheese, hard raw sausage, it's for the best. Buy more cereals, cottage cheese, low-fat fish. So you take care of your health will lead figure in the order and save money until the next they are received.

Most drives you in anguish terrible things are not, just look at them from a different angle. Depression of parting with a guy goes, if you analyze your relationship and understand what is the reason for the gap. Learn from your mistakes, revise their behavior, try next time to choose a lover not so hastily.

Expanding everything that happened to you on the shelves, you will become wise. Perhaps the guy should look among friends and not in a nightclub. Tosca will give you time to think about himself, and about his representation of the relationship. So, your next novel will bring you more happiness and even become fatal. Think of all the causes of depression as a reason to change, to become better, stronger, wiser.

Life - the development and stresses and difficulties give you a boost to emotional growth. Develop a way to get rid of depression, one that will always work. For some, this way is immersion in the work - the brain switches to other tasks, and you gradually come out of depression. Planning pleasant Affairs also effective, as well as communication with positive people.

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