How to convert negative into a positive

How to convert negative into a positive
 Relationships that are not encouraging due to frequent quarrels and misunderstandings can be returned in the right direction. Inexperienced pair unable to overcome the haunting their negative if at least one of the two will not show their restraint and wisdom. You can become so strong link to support and teach your partner communication.
 It is better to prevent conflicts than to work to remedy the situation. Start with this problem in order to prevent rupture of your relationship.

Do not rush to respond to angry outbursts lover, consider his words, on the basis of the result that they want to achieve. Surely you do not aspire to big quarrel! Therefore quietly tell that really want coffee or tea, and ask the guy to cook and drink it too.

Be sure to add that you do not ignore your unfinished conversation and come back to it after tea, unless, of course, this topic will not lose relevance. It is possible that it is to start up a pleasant conversation, and both of you will be surprised that almost had a fight recently. At this point it is appropriate to agree to interrupt all its nascent conflicts something enjoyable for both of you.

On the ice of a young man, "Why can not you listen to me? Are you a fool? "Answer" I'm cute! Because I love you and want to give us everything was fine! ". He did not want to continue unconstructive dispute after these words, and you can safely discuss the situation and fix a joint decision with a tender kiss.

If people love each other, they can overcome all translate any negativity in a relationship into a positive. Even betrayal of a partner can benefit! This is a bitter lesson for both of you, but once this happens, look for his own errors. From this case take out the idea of ​​the value of your relationship, about the impossibility to hurt loved.

Start listening to each other. Be sensitive and tolerant. Learn to empathize with and understand your partner. Agree with your loved that all the mistakes that you have made will remain in the past and will not be repeated. It is better to change the direction of the relationship now than to bring them to rupture.

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