How not to get lost in the conflict. Recommendations psychologist

How not to get lost in the conflict. Recommendations psychologist
 Mistake to believe that the conflict - a lot of people very feisty and bitchy. Mistaken and one who avoids collision points of view, wanting to pass for wise. Without conflict, there can be neither growth nor development. And without it is impossible to solve the formation of the whole person.

The best protection a number of policy makers believes the attack. But do not understand it as a literal statement and jump out of the bushes to those you fear, and those who are not nice to you. It is enough to have in the arsenal of a supply of behavior in the conflict tactics and endurance.

Remember that the "conflict" is translated from Latin as a collision. As a rule, quarrels and disagreements arise from the clash of opinions. And even if you do not want to be drawn into the fight, that you have an opponent - is a harbinger of conflict.

How not to get lost in the field of struggle for the view? There are several lines of behavior in the conflict: competition, adaptation, compromise, avoidance and cooperation. Each of them has its pros and cons, and each of them has a certain degree of relevance depending on the situation. Ability to realize to what tactics you resort more often, can successfully use the rest of the set.

Good rivalry when important to you subject of the conflict and the interests of the opponent and the relationship with him - secondary. Avoiding makes sense if ignoring the stimulus will help you to avoid some problems, but the statement of alternative points of view, on the other hand, can cause great damage. For example, it is better to pass a drunk and loud echoes in your company address strangers, rather than engage in polemics.

Device differs from the avoidance of the fact that in this case you have to stay in the situation and agree with it. With the compromise is more or less clear: "you give me - I give you." But in reality it is not so effective because in this compromise both sides of mutual concessions will not get to the end of what they needed initially.

Cooperation - a strategy that try to take into account their interests and keep warm relations. It requires the use of a certain maturity and is considered to be socially approved. The ability to correlate the risks and rewards of the conflict, in which you enter by yourself or you suck will help you not to get lost in the conflict and to operate effectively.

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