How do you know a person's character by the handwriting

How do you know a person's character by the handwriting
 A person's character affects the way and especially writing. Therefore, studying the person's handwriting, you can not only determine the type of temperament, but learn a lot about the author of the letter. To do this, you must know the basic differences in the writing of the text.

Line handwriting can say about some of the intricacies that are needed to create a serious relationship. For example, if the line of writing rises, it is likely, in front of you is an optimist who is looking for a solution in the most difficult situations and do not lose heart. Of course, optimists quickly adapt to any situation and find a common language with any person. Sharp angle lifting line up can be an indicator of an incorrigible optimist who enjoys life so that can cause scandals in family life.

Deviation line down indicate that a person is inclined to pessimism. A slight deviation is a measure of prudence and a person who is not evident in the pool with his head, but prefers to think through all the pre-solutions. As a rule, such a person is not capable of insane acts and fraud, most often it is reliable enough to create a serious relationship.

Frequent change of writing style symbolizes the impermanence of the partner, the mood is unpredictable. For example, today he is calm and reasonable, and tomorrow becomes a passionate lover. As a rule, such a person does not get bored, as he always comes up with the adventures.

It is advisable to study the slope of the letters, which affects the sensitivity of the person. Standard inclination is 45 degrees, which means that there is an open and friendly nature. The sharper the angle of tilt, the person is more impulsive and emotional. Typically, these partners are the owners of the relationship.

The opposite slope of the letters indicates silent and secretive man who, quite difficult to wait for a declaration of love or marriage proposal. Direct letters - a measure of reasonableness and adequacy of the person. His mind and senses are in constant interaction. These people are practical in family life and successful in their professional activities.

Pressing the letter says about the power of nature: the more pressure, the less people dependent on the opinions of others, and vice versa. Accuracy letter speaks of balance and diligence man in any business. Well as tranquil temperament can say smooth connection of each letter. A letter or a sudden dash usually write violent and very active individuals who do not pay attention to the various little things.

Of course, the features of handwriting is a reflection of the basic character traits, so writing for human life can change. Also, do not just take the characteristic indicators of a person's handwriting, as it is only the general rule, and not a final judgment about the nature of man.

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