How do I know that you lied

How do I know that you lied
 Read the thoughts of others people can not, or would lie simply did not exist. Nevertheless, there are certain signs by which you can determine a person says the truth or is he cheating on you.
 Do not get caught in a lie is very difficult. No wonder they say that it is easier to always tell the truth, because in this case do not have to invent anything and remember. Fictional story is unlikely to be perfect: to consider all possible. If you start asking a lot of questions, a liar over time or confused, or try to change his story, and the one who is telling the truth, will defend the truth of his words before the end.

Husband tells you that watching football with my friends, but if you have any reason to suspect that it was not true? Ask him, with whom he was from friends, then gradually move on to another subject. Discussed, for example, match results, casually mention other, whose name is not called husband. Ask how his wife reacted to the fact that her husband watched football with friends. If the husband is telling the truth, then surely tell you that this man with them was not, and even be able to once again accurately and safely transfer all who watched football with him. If your spouse is lying, or he would not notice the trick, or begin to get confused, frantically to remember whose names he called, and whose - no. Similar tricks can be used in all cases, the main thing - to plan the conversation and turn it into an interrogation.

Keep track of gestures and voice of a man who is suspected of lying. It is believed that if the person in conversation looks away, then he is lying. In fact, so do people trying to remember something or answer a question that requires reflection. In addition, audialy and kinesthetic, unlike the visual, not always in need of eye contact during a conversation. In fact, there is much more true signs of lies. Children, lying, often tray hand to his mouth as if to close it by hand. Adults who slightly change the gesture: they begin to rub his chin, running his fingers through his cheek, touching the nose, lips, and so concern.n., Moreover, do this automatically, without noticing. Liars often stingy with gestures or gestures contradict their words. If a person asserts, for example, that it is not he broke the cup or broken computer, and he thus slightly nods his head - in front of you is a liar. 

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