Handwriting and character

Handwriting and character
 Handwriting is directly related to his character, this people knew in the past. Aristotle and Dionysius interested in this relationship, a French priest Michon wrote in the 19th century work, which he called "System of graphology", meaning that the "Count" - is to write, and "logos" - science. This is how the science of graphology, which defines the inner essence of a person by the way he writes.

If you watch closely, you can see at a glance that not only the handwriting of different people are different. There are general patterns, for example, men and women use different structure of writing. Female handwriting usually beautiful and smooth, compact, letters are close. Men usually write wrong and somehow carelessly.

To master the basics of graphology, you need to know a few basic parameters that can recognize certain traits.

So if a person in writing to press hard on the handle, then he has a strong character, passion and materialism, can not always curb emotions stranger shyness, does not listen to the advice of others, eager to make new acquaintances.

In the case of medium pressure, calm character in writing. But purposeful, rather balanced. Such people are faithful and loyal, always good to think about their actions.

When a person has to click on the manner of a pen or pencil easily, it has a creative streak, is very sensitive and has a good taste, but lacks a strong ego and dependent on the opinions of others. If light pressure lines are smooth, disciplined writer, he has an innovative mind.

When a person in a letter to combine different type of pressure, so it is very versatile and experiencing life changes.

Lines - is also an important feature. If they are straight, it is straightforward to write them himself. Wavy lines reported diplomacy and the ability of the owner to find a way out of any situation. When the lines are raised from the bottom up, they talk about a great vitality and initiative to write. If the opposite is true - it is a sign of a closed and passive person.

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