Envy - it is a special sense of justice?

Envy - it is a special sense of justice?
 Envy - a feeling of disappointment with respect to the success of the superiority of another person. She is familiar to us from childhood, when we have seen in another child in a sandbox toy and required parents to buy the same. Jealousy appears in understanding and sense of their own "I".  

It is believed that envy is black and white. White is the envy of the impetus for success. Rejoicing and taking to achieve another person seeks to catch up with him, to catch up with him, to be his match. This feeling is based on the decision himself, his inner world as a dynamic and evolving whole. The man not only takes the success of others, but the analyzes themselves, and thus develops.

Black can be called the indictment because the person experiencing it, blames the injustice done to his beloved. This feeling is based on a sense of superiority over others, on the minds of their own exclusivity. Envious can not analyze their own failures, it is peculiar to accuse them of others, some circumstances. The success of other annoying.

Most often envious people wear a "mask of justice" and try to expose its own object of envy. In this state, the person can open aggression, emotional imbalance, inability to structuring, illogical thinking, open manifestation of selfishness.

More often than not "evil" envious lose the friendship, "fall" in the eyes of the people, because of too selfish character.

Usually people feel jealousy of familiar people, and rarely to the opposite sex. The reason is that the mechanism of jealousy based on a comparison to the same object itself, identify their own strengths and weaknesses of others.

Generally envy can be attributed to one of those negative feelings that can destroy your own "I". But sometimes it is the envy pushes people to achieve the objectives is the desire to show their superiority.

One scientist said that envy - a reaction to the unequal distribution of assets in the society, but it should not be regarded as a moral sense, since it is connected with the desire of fairness only to himself and often causes aggression.

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