We have to live with ease: how to turn a problem into play

We have to live with ease: how to turn a problem into play
 Each person is hidden deep inside a child. This fully confident of modern psychology. Well, for the child to play is of paramount importance. And if an adult is any problem it may seem a terrible blow, the child can solve it, effortlessly. That's what experts advise to do.

Certain tips should help solve all your problems this way. So psychologists to start strongly recommend to never let the problems start you at a complete standstill. Try not to get stuck, do not cling to the old and boldly steps forward and perceive it as an interesting game.

Try to understand the difference between adult and children's games. If mature people always important to win and very sensitive to losses, the kids just gets big and sincere pleasure in the flow of the game. Think of the problem this way: perhaps defeat - is not the end, but rather more fortunate, generally hard to understand.

In the world of people who have children from a period dominated by a rule that you need to win to win, not even thinking about the price. But in fact, win at all costs - it is fundamentally wrong, because then it may be that the result, in fact, is not so important. Maybe it's better to be like children and treat opponents easier?

We should not constantly run, rush and hurry. It may be worth the child's eyes to see the world, to stop and see it in a new way? Otherwise, a lot can simply skip past.

Can not seek to conform to the pattern which meets the requirements of others. Children are natural, grown continuously adjusted. In such an everyday game is very easy to lose yourself.

Do not sacrifice your own desires, dreams and expectations for the sake of principles mortal world. After all, everyone knows that the ideal can only aspire to, but to reach it we can not. Stop and think seriously over what you wanted, dreamed about when childhood is not yet gone. It is quite possible that there are problems may indicate that just time to change attitude towards life.

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