Portrait of the ideal woman

Portrait of the ideal woman
 Men can list the qualities that, in their opinion, should have the woman. Everyone has their own idea of ​​the ideal. Women do not always agree with the qualities that appeal to men. But if you select the features that impressed the men and women at the same time useful, it is possible to create a portrait of the ideal woman with whom both parties agree.

This woman should be aware of the fact that she is a woman. This determines its behavior, attitude, essence and nature. It is capable to conceive and bear a child, she - the object of love, adoration, caring. She did not need anyone to prove it, it is quite self-sufficient and to fight for the truth of no need.

The ideal woman would never consider other women rivals. She is too fond of himself and appreciates the mind, appearance, character, and every year of his life, because he did not have wasted my life and every year gets better and wiser. It retains the charm and appeal of the female at any age. She does not have to be a useful and earn a lot of money. Her presence near her beloved man gives him strength, and he is able to move mountains for her.

This woman appears next to those who respects and loves. You will never hear from her phrase: "And my something, kid." She is well aware that because of her husband may withdraw only the same "goat." She likes men and respects their intelligence and strength. Next to it is always a lot of these, which is called the "real man."

Even if she has some purely "male" skills, brag about it will not, but a farce majeure cope with the situation better than men. The ideal woman is able to provide high quality family life. It will ensure that the house was clean and comfortable, and the table was fresh, wholesome and delicious food.

Ideal woman sees and feels their sexuality, regardless of whether there is currently a man next to her. Her self-esteem is high enough so as not to depend on the current circumstances of his personal life.

She has flaws, and she knows it. Aware of their ideal woman would never make a tragedy out of it and dramatize their presence complexes. If they do not interfere, it is fully capable to put up with it. After all, she has a lot of advantages, for which these disadvantages others simply can not be seen.

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