Mental state of a person when the balance deteriorated ...

Mental state of a person when the balance deteriorated ...
 The transition state of a person from full health to disease, and otherwise, are indisputable examples of changes in the human psyche. This is due to the change of atmosphere in the family, in professional work, in public life. General equilibrium mental state due to its internal and external contacts with the external environment and the medium of communication.  

A person's ability to withstand the surrounding influences that can significantly undermine the neuro-mental balance, as well as the ability to self into a state of mental balance shows the stability of the psyche of the individual.

As a result of long-term mental as well as physical activity, if any, are much higher than individual endurance limit, a person may develop neuro-psychological exhaustion. It is characterized by certain mental disorders, such as fatigue, decrease disability, irritability, drowsiness, irritability, somatovegetativnye disorder. That is, there is a general state of fatigue.

This is facilitated by a variety of factors that weaken the whole entire body: infection, insufficient rest, injuries, malnutrition, etc.

When it's a stressful situation, or going for a long accumulation of negative aspects, first the person feels anxiety and tries to resist. However, if this step is delayed and is not accompanied by rest, your body works hard. Next, the person feels weakness and weakness, the risk of disease increases dramatically reduce performance.

Must be more efficient to concentrate efforts to change a stressful situation, and if you make it for some reason can not, you need to accept and change their perception and attitude towards the situation. Should learn to deal with emotions and avoid serious disturbance of mental equilibrium.

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