Loving yourself is not harmful. Harmful not love

Loving yourself is not harmful. Harmful not love
 Psychologists say that our symptoms - a reflection of our internal state. It is difficult to disagree. If you analyze the characters of the people that you are familiar, you will find regularity. Those who are drawn to the surrounding who is happy in life, who are successful - that, above all, enjoy yourself. And vice versa - a notorious, ever doubt yourself people attract bad luck and misfortune. There is no doubt that the attitude towards him is transferred to the surrounding relevant to you.

But you have to understand the difference. Man, no doubt his merits, unconditionally loving and accepting yourself for who he is, like a narcissistic fool. Such an attitude towards yourself - stop in development, because he was pleased with everything and sees no reason to work on yourself, to improve. Normal, thinking person, characterized by doubt and dissatisfaction. But in contrast to the constant whining loser, he is ready to work on correcting their weaknesses and knows how to do it.

The man who does not love himself, does not want to make an effort to correct a difficult situation. He would complain to others on his unsuccessful life, ugliness, disobedient children and the tyrant-chief. And while it will take all this for granted, because in his opinion, a better life, he does not deserve. His complaints, he first will cause the sympathy of others, but after a while they just begin to avoid it - to give advice that no one is going to carry out, tired of everything.

You must love yourself. No one is born perfect. People come into this world the same, small, crying lumps. Which of them will, to some extent depends on the parents and the conditions in which they were born. But mostly, the man makes himself. Loving yourself, you will be treated carefully to everything - their health, appearance, soul, nature, moreover - that surrounds you. This ecology of the soul and of the world around you. You seek to improve their quality of life. But this is not necessarily a quality that money can buy.

The man who loves himself, will always be an interesting job, a good and loyal friend, loving and loved his people. Loving yourself, you constantly want to become even better. You work on your shortcomings, you overcome difficulties, perceiving them as an opportunity to become stronger and to temper his character.

And again, loving yourself - you love other people, recognizing them the same positive qualities that they possess themselves. And those around you feel it perfectly. Are you comfortable with yourself and others - comfortable with you. Therefore, to love yourself is much nicer and more useful than to revel in their shortcomings and transfer their anger on others.

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