How to start a new life

How to start a new life
 Sometimes you want to start with a clean slate. Something is likely to remain the old: old friends, old apartment, the same households (some of them get to where?). Only changes the internal state. But there are people who are able to start a new life for the sake throw everything that they already have. But even in such risky comrades would not hurt to think it worth it.

So, the beginning of a new life. When there is a desire to start all over again? When everything that surrounds you, begins to pall seems vulgar, devoid of prospects, not-giving inspiration. So you go to bed with a smile on his face, thinking: "Tomorrow I will start a new life ..." followed by a list of what makes this very new life, this list varies from person to person. Someone swears to himself to stop drinking, someone - to swear with the boss, someone decides to take up his studies and quit work, someone - to find a job and quit unnecessary and does not deliver any joy studies ...

But in fact, a new life by the middle of the day turns into the same routine. Therefore, the reforms in their lives should be approached much more serious. Think hard about what you do not like and what you would like the new, on the contrary, to bring into your life. Even better, if you will make a clear list of two columns. After that, select among the "irritants" those on whom the easiest to get rid of, and begin to act it with them. Prevents trash in the apartment? Overpower yourself and start to throw out unnecessary things. After that and more serious goals will be easier to achieve. Maybe a different situation: you declare parents that no longer will learn in your own city, deciding to go to Moscow - then and small stimuli will be eliminated faster and easier. It all depends on the problem and the nature of man.

As you know, goodbye to the old life and the beginning of a new - it is a long process that requires not only some changes outside of you, but inside you - the latter is even more important. Of course, you can drop everything and run away, but then you feel that old life, old habits and "cockroaches" are returned to you. Therefore, to make this process a phased, gradual. You see for yourself, what exactly and reach the top.

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