How to resist temper

How to resist temper
 Of course, in everyday life completely to avoid contact with hot-tempered people impossible. In addition, the temper is not a sign of stupidity or bad character, it's just character trait. Can successfully communicate even with very short-tempered people, you only need to build up the communication with him.

Hot-tempered people tend to quickly go out of themselves, changing the quiescent state, an excited. In addition, they like to raise your voice, if someone does not share their point of view. They are very mobile and can not be long in one place.

Communicating with people like better to prevent possible outbreaks of irritation. Can distract the person or if the situation becomes particularly tense, or leave him alone, if there is no audience, then it naturally will not be able to express all that he was going to.

If you still had a breakdown, no arguments here will not help, but rather only pour oil on the fire. At this point, you need to behave defiantly calm. Even if the person increases the tone of his voice, it is better to speak in a low voice emphasized.

If no tricks can not calm the irascible companion, do not waste time, it is better to stop the dialogue and get away from the variance of the interlocutor. Thus, a person will not only time to calm down, but also to analyze a conversation, all carefully weighed. Can be reopened after some time.

Communicate with quick-tempered people is better to start with the fact that you understand their point of view, and even in some areas its share, and has only then propose alternatives. This type of people firmly believe that their opinion is the only right, so they are difficult to take someone else's point of view.

It is very important to control their own behavior, not to speak provocateur aggression, and to be considerate of others, because each person has their weaknesses. If someone is angry, do not immediately hang up on him the label Spitfire. On the other hand these are the impulsive people make life more fun and colorful.

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