How to overcome the resentment

How to overcome the resentment
 Resentment remembers almost everyone. Many of surging emotions captures breath, sometimes it ends up sobbing directly on humans or disruption to close. Of course, it is unpleasant, and the question of how to overcome the resentment remains open for so many.
 Any serious offense crying need, even men. Better alone in the bath, you will feel like streams of water washed from the body and soul a serious condition. Then you need to throw out the remnants of anger, which is always accompanied by resentment. The best way - to go alone or with a very good friend to a deserted place and shout into the void everything that you think about your abuser. This should be done at least half an hour, if it seems difficult, force yourself. This condition is improving. If still some anger - beat the pillow when you get home. Present at this time offender.

The next day, you should be much better. If is not, included in their plans physical activity, which will be on the edge of your ability. Ideally, this running, most untrained enough 5km to calm. Continuous load helps produce hormones of happiness. And if you - often to offend people, your figure will soon be envied by many "stars". Seriously speaking, you will feel a great relief after the first workout.

Need to understand the cause of resentment. Find vulnerable areas, analyze the causes and work hard to feel in these areas with confidence. Do not let the math - hold the school course again, you now it will seem easier. Offended by accusations of excess weight - load and reasonable diet eventually solve the problem. Have done something, but it is not appreciated - Think about the truth of his altruism and self-doubt, which makes us look with universal approval. And think about how to change the object of focus. In general, a person who "cover" their sore spots, it is very difficult to offend.

Make steps towards solving the problem. If the person you need or roads, find the strength to make peace on their own initiative. Most likely, you will hear a response apology, just really blame tolerate harder than offended. At any offense has offended some of the blame - Find it and make a step forward, you will see how people will be glad that the problem was resolved.

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