How to organize your time to keep up with all the

How to organize your time to keep up with all the
 Very often, we think it would be great, whether in the day and forty-eight hours instead of twenty-four. Do you think if in the day it would be forty-eight hours, you would all have time? You would be twice as many cases, and you just have not had time to do, it does not have time right now!

Keys to ensure that all have time to just two: planning and priorities. Planning is necessary in order for us to let us know, we will have time for anything or not before we start doing it. We need to plan our business so that we can determine which of them we really vital and which can bear. Let's get started.

Plan your future. Write down on paper first, those things that have the exact time to which or in which they have to do. After this random place that you still need to do that day.

Now think that all of this list do you need? Try to strike out from the most insignificant in importance for you. Remember that the truly important things should not remain a lot.

Those tasks are left after striking out - these are important tasks.
There are two types of tasks - important and urgent. Term may be established for different reasons, but important tasks are what they are because they are important to you.

Once you povycherkivali that matter, you will have a list of what really needs to be done tomorrow, and multiple windows, you can easily fill in your own business, you want to do and not have to do that.

Leave a rule for yourself to plan ahead and divide tasks, striking out those that are not important to you personally - and you will have a lot of time not only to solve their problems, but also just for yourself.

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