How to be funny all the time

How to be funny all the time
 In every life there are times when the mood is disgusting. The reasons for this can be many: splattered car on the street; broken heel, and the day is not over yet; failed the exam because you got the same single ticket that you have not learned. Psychologists advise in any situation, keep cool and be in a good mood, because life is given to her to be happy.
 It will be worse if you start feeling sorry for myself, to complain about their plight share. You certainly will not be easier if people will start to feel sorry for you, too, or, worst of all, gleefully rubbing their hands, rejoicing failure.

Good help elevate mood Motivational. Before you leave home, schedule yourself for a good day of success. Words you can think for yourself, and you can find on the World Wide original mantras that help to become more confident and happier about life.

When you feel sad, remember your successes, most joyful moments of life. This can also cheer you up.

Many victories in a bad mood cycling help. Biking greatly uplifting. Instead of spending time in front of the TV or computer screen alone, find yourself a nice company and pedal. Sea pleasant emotions you provided.

Another useful remedy for the blues can be a roller-skates. If you still do not know how they ride, it does not matter in the park pretty sure there will be many young people who are willing to teach you this skill.

Who does not like to soak in a warm and fragrant bath? Pour into the bath favorite essential oil or foam, include soft music, lie down and relax, you can read your favorite book. This procedure will bring peace and tranquility, and then it would be good to hold various procedures caring for the skin of the body.

To sum up the above, we can conclude that a good mood depends entirely on you. You can create it yourself. The morning begins with a gym or yoga in front of a mirror like a mantra, chant encouraging words. All this will help to remain in good spirits and bad emotions suspended from the outside world during the day. At the end of the working week go for a walk. Living in such a rhythm, you will always be happy and cheerful person.

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