Formula for happiness: 5 ways to be happy

Formula for happiness: 5 ways to be happy
 How often do we absorb care of the house, the children and the work. And it seems that life is no longer a place of joy and happiness. We piled on the new challenges so often that we do not have time to deal with them. But happiness is within ourselves, only need to change the attitude to itself and the world around them.
 Love yourself, let me give myself a small joy, treat yourself. Buy new clothes, shoes or handbag. Go shopping and try on everything that falls on your point of view. Psychologists have long known that shopping - it's the best cure for depression for women. Even buying some cute knickknacks can lift your mood perfectly. Go shopping not one, but with a good friend and a good mood will be ensured.

Making of a festive meal. Take a break from having to constantly dieting. Several chocolate cakes and a glass of champagne too spoil the figure, but it will make you happy for the whole evening. Want more? Create a romantic atmosphere for myself, light the candles, put on your favorite dress. Or go to the first-class expensive restaurants and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

Is. This is necessary to release the accumulated negative. Go to a dance, theater or some entertainment. Many helps fitness, evening or morning jog. They raise the level of endorphins - happiness hormone in the body.

If the soul disgusting and I want to cry, do not limit yourself. Women are different from those of men, that they are allowed to cry. Use this advantage, paid out and you will certainly become easier. You can complain to the vest best friend or loved one. And to secure a positive effect certainly do something that will please you.

Making of a meeting with any person with whom you have long wanted to see, but all the time not worked. The very thought out, how will your meeting: in a friendly or romantic setting, in any restaurant or at your home. Even the anticipation of the long-awaited meeting may inspire you. In the end, you can just go out and get to know someone. Meet new people with good people always bring joy.

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