Energy Vampires: who are they

Energy Vampires: who are they
 Physical energy we get along with carbohydrates from food, but with regard to the spiritual energy, or bioenergy, as it is called - it comes to us from space, thanks to the joys that occur in our lives. So it must be, and it happens in the majority of normal people. And here at the biofield energy vampires - "leaky", lack of energy is simply catastrophic, so they need makeup from others.

After talking with a vampire, a person a sense of apathy, drowsiness, headache, weakness.

Energy vampires, unlike the present (only night) there are solar and lunar.

The solar vampires - active or aggressive, arranging scandal, trying to empty your biofield. Among them jealous, rowdies and louts. The most sophisticated know how one phrase put you out of yourself, and then through the energy channel from you to him goes bioenergy. You can protect yourself - just do not answer him a surge of negative emotions on his boorish vypadki, stay calm. In the old grandmother from the evil eye advised "twist fig" behind the back or in your pocket, and vampirism is like the evil eye.

Who knows if it has some magical sense, but psychological - exactly. Peace of mind you will surely save, distracted by the implementation of this unethical gesture.

Another kind of vampires - constantly dissatisfied, accusing all and sundry, pathetic and repulsive at the same time. This lunar vampires. Among them barrator and gossips, whiners and grumbler. To protect against this vampire can put a psychological barrier. For example, present themselves in the tank or cover vampire enormous glass, or imagine the mirror over his head dome, thus blocking it for pumping channel energy. Disarm the vampire can, wishing him health and smile, it just knocks it out of the rut.

Often communicate with an energy vampire is dangerous - you can become his constant energy donor. As a result, you will malaise, lethargy, depression, and dizziness.

Nobody knows exactly where are energy vampires.
Some psychics and psychologists believe that vampires are born, others that they are a child with poor education, or under the influence of the street.

In the existence of energy vampires can believe or not believe. Let the masters of esoteric break on this head and arguing, proving their existence. But poor health, and sometimes a nervous breakdown from contact with such people - it's a fact. And above tips are quite suitable to protect itself from rudeness, crudeness, and slander are not particularly interested in: is it really the kicker - an energy vampire.

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