Do I need to love yourself?

Do I need to love yourself?
 How often do now in the street, you can see the sullen faces expressing itself all the negative feelings that only a person can experience. Can accurately determine what these people do not like myself or others. This statement is that the man who loves himself, does not make your body and soul to experience negative emotions flour that literally poison every cell in the body. But the man who does not feel the love of self, does not experience it and to other living beings.

At present, the common belief that people should love yourself, otherwise his life turn into a mindless gray days. It is this state of "dislike to him," and you have to watch more often. This is expressed by the constant criticism of them. And people show the true wonders of ingenuity to humiliate own special before others. For example: "What am I armless, managed to break her mother's favorite mug." The man himself is punishing himself, while trying to mitigate the punishment from the side. Many people think that because they can avoid big problems, but forget that words tend to come true and reflected ailments in his own body.

How can love yourself, not to be selfish, Narcissus? After all, it is often the quality of the people are afraid of in themselves. Stop self-criticism, do not take as unfounded remarks in his address from the side. Often we try to please just people from our surroundings and do as they say, but do not feel at the same time freedom, lightness in my heart and gratitude to the counselor. Inside every day is a struggle of contradictions and literally rips the soul into small pieces. Analyze the situation, which now reside, try to understand, imposed whose opinions spoil your life. Break with these people or have a serious talk with them, informing that from that moment will live only an opinion. Believe me - it is better to be alone and some time to get a new circle of acquaintances than continue to suffer further.

Listen to their own desires. You may have forgotten that you love to have in your life attended various pleasant things that make the world brighter and more saturated. For example, you save on your favorite perfume, candy, cosmetics, books, etc. in order to buy her husband a CD with the program about fishing. Remember that your life is the most important person - yourself. A marital disk wait.

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