Autumn depression. How to escape?

Autumn depression. How to escape?
 Summer is left behind, and with it - vacation, beach, warm evenings and relaxing stay. Begins autumn - rainy and gloomy to go. It is not surprising that at this time of the year when the nights are getting longer and longer and the sun is rarely indulges heat, many rolls causeless sadness and longing.

Penchant for seasonal depression in women appears more often than men. The fact that the ability to maintain good spirits affect serotonin or "hormone happiness". This material formed as a result of amino acid metabolism in the human brain and in males more than females. That's why representatives of the stronger sex are more stable in the face of autumn melancholy.

Raise the level of this wonderful substance in the body can be properly corrected power supply: direct consumption of meat reduces the production of serotonin, so do not get carried away kebabs and burgers, but bananas and chocolate, on the other hand, help the body to increase the number of "happiness hormone".

The lack of light and color in nature, peculiar gloomy autumn day, a bad influence on health, reduced working capacity. To not unglued, do not forget to feed your body with vitamins and minerals. Eat as many seasonal fruits and vegetables, instead of tea brew with herbal tonic effect. Do not be amiss to drink a course of multivitamins, but it's better to pick them up with your doctor.

If insomnia - a constant companion of your depression, you should make every effort to return to a full, deep sleep. A few hours before curfew spend in a relaxed atmosphere, turning off the TV and computer. For example, read a good book. Properly ventilate the bedroom, and if the street is not very cold, leave the window open all night. Due to a sufficient quantity of fresh air, you will sleep tight, quiet and wake up in a good mood.

It is very difficult to get rid of depression sitting in the four walls. Therefore, force yourself to get out of the house and spend time among the people. Find out what events are happening in your city and visit the most interesting. Meet with friends who have not seen quite a while. Even a simple walk in the noisy, crowded park dilute your sadness with positive emotions.

Help get rid of autumn melancholy and systematic sports. Ideal - Morning jogging or biking. Start go to the gym or pool, all out, doing the exercises. Physical exhaustion - the best way to get rid of mental suffering.

Be attentive to him. If the state of apathy and powerlessness last more than 3-4 weeks, it could be a sign of serious depression. In this case it is better to see a psychologist and get professional help in finding peace of mind.

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