20 ways to overcome shyness

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 Shyness - it's not always good quality. Because of it, people lose a lot of opportunities in your career and personal life, but they just do not know how to deal with it. In fact, there are several ways that help overcome shyness.

1. Understand the nature of shyness. Determine what is causing this feeling. Perhaps the reason is too many people around? Or officials discussed a topic that seems awkward to you?

2. Identify your strengths. You can write them down on a piece of paper. This must be done in order to understand that you have unique qualities and succeeded in some areas of life.

3. Love yourself. It is very important to please yourself that way, which (oh) you are.

4. Be original. Do not try to merge with the crowd, adopting habits of people from your environment and trying to be like them. Remember distinguishing features - it's good, while copying other people tiring.

5. Pay attention to the others. It is not necessary to focus on the awkwardness in every situation, see what other people are.

6. Get rid of anxiety by the breath. The essence of the exercise is simple - take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed.

7. Get rid of anxiety by means of movement. A method of controlling a is to release energy through physical activity.

8. Introduce yourself confident and happy. Visualization often helps in the formation of a good self-esteem.

9. Say to yourself only good. Words have incredible energy. What are you talking about her reflection, your subconscious mind hears and sees well.

10. Analyze misfortunes. Do not run away, try to think things through, making an awkward moment in the place of personal growth and self-examination.

11. Understand failures. Understand the probability of rejection on your offer. It's part of life, and every once faced a similar situation. It is important to accept the answer.

12. Do not be too demanding of themselves. Do not set too high a standard for yourself, remember that you can not be equally successful in all areas.

13. Get rid of shortcuts. Do not remind yourself of your shyness.

14. Use social skills. They can only be found through experience and practice.

15. Do not avoid embarrassing situations. They will help reduce your concerns about the emergence of an inconvenient moment.

16. Ask yourself questions. In situations that can cause your anxiety, constantly ask yourself three questions. I am calm? I breathe? I move gracefully? This will help you escape from the self-destructive thoughts.

17. Understand that you like. Remember that one man entertainment in the club - it's the best vacation, and for others it will be a cause of depression, he may come to mind reading the book. Engage in what is right for you.

18. Focus on specific points. Analyze what you are doing right now. This will help you to think less about themselves.

19. Keep a record of your achievements. Journal of success will help you to restore faith in yourself and draw your attention to something that can be useful for you.

20. Remember that not everyone is looking exclusively for you. Most people are too busy with their own problems, so they do not pay attention to your mistakes.

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