Women envy: where the shoe pinches?

Women envy: where the shoe pinches?
 Women's envy - a very common phenomenon. Even as a child your pink dress and a new doll jealous of all the girlfriends. And some of them tried to surreptitiously stain your clothing, or tear a strand of hair from the head of a favorite toy ...
 Undoubtedly, envy is not only black, but white. However, it is in any way spoil the relationship, sooner or later will bring them to an end. After all, the feeling that your friend is better / smarter / more beautiful it is practically impossible to get rid of and it can significantly damage women's friendship.

The habit of envy does appear in childhood. Just in time, it will either strengthen their roots in your soul, or transformed into Competitive and healthy instinct. Better the second than the first - the desire to be the best of the best is much more innocuous than the oppressive sense of self-dissatisfaction due to the fact that a friend in something succeeded.

Envy can be completely alien to you over the years. But, once you become a witness to an event that infringes your ego, she wakes up and takes hold of your heart. You begin to torment the feeling of dissatisfaction with his life. Everything seems gray and nothing pleases. How can I continue to enjoy life, if your classmate earns three times more than you, but my husband colleagues inferior in visual appeal itself Brad Pitt? The success of the other person makes you want to compare it with their own achievements. If you are somewhat inferior to other women, it is not a cause for soul-searching and venomous statements against her.

Please envy in their favor. As soon as you feel that you are jealous of someone or compare life with his girlfriend, remember that feeling. What has caused envy? When answering this question, you will be able to suppress a feeling of inferiority and anger towards another person. Jealous of the new secretary dress your boss? Take the money, buy yourself the same with the next paycheck. Sister reached career heights you reach? Change jobs, go on training courses and achieve desired.

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