Why I do not like people

Why I do not like people
Neglect attitudes towards themselves capable of a few - most people react badly to the fact that their social circle is extremely narrow. If people do not like you, customized openly hostile or try to avoid your community, it is an occasion to reflect on the reasons for this attitude.
There are certain traits and habits that cause people discomfort - a desire to communicate with someone who often complains, likes to criticize or pretends that he knows everything disappears after he demonstrates all his "talents". Analyze their behavior, judge objectively and impartially - you have a chance to rectify the situation.

Periodic complaints about failed romances, lack of career growth, problems with children or relatives can occur in all people - is a natural process. But if you notice that any pinprick takes you out of balance for a long time, and you start to complain, raising it to the rank of universal tragedy, then be prepared for the fact that your surroundings can greatly poredet. Do not let the little things overshadow your life - change your attitude to life and learning easier to relate to all the bad, unpleasant, unexpected that happens to you.

People also do not like those who consider themselves smarter than everyone likes to show their awareness and feels professional in almost all areas. Have a broad outlook and constantly teach others - are two different things. Even if you believe that a better understanding in some matter, poosteregsya give advice if you are requested to do so.

Concern is the man who can not control their emotional outbursts - if you often lose control, allow yourself to take it out on others, screaming and use physical force, it is quite understandable desire of people to bring all contacts with you to a minimum.

You can not please people because of their pessimism - not to escalate the situation, telling everyone about their fears, predicting all kinds of disasters and accidents. Your fears and insecurities have become a problem that you need to fight as soon as possible.

People need to have a private space, so if you are trying to deprive them of this, it is unlikely that they will take you to the person with whom pleasant to communicate. Do not be intrusive, learn to feel the line that should not cross, do not require unquestioning devotion even from his closest friends.

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