Why a woman crying

Why a woman crying
 Tears are a response to emotional turmoil. The events that cause them, do not always have a negative connotation. It so happens that women cry more often than men. But for many is a mystery very reason tears fairer sex.  
 First of all, a woman may use tears as a quite powerful weapons. Men respond differently: nervous, angry, nervous, but never remain indifferent. The weaker sex to attract the attention of a strong, cause at least some emotions make a man feel guilty enough to make operating your tear ducts.

But do not think that women's tears are always the usual manipulation. Fragile creatures may cry out in pain. All people's pain threshold is different, but it is assumed that the stronger sex does not have to cry, feeling bodily pain. But gentle girl can easily afford to be sensitive.

In addition to the physical, there is also heartache. And anyone still not clear which one is stronger. Unfair words (accusations, reproaches) and acts of loved ones, tend to hurt very deeply. Men resentment drink, beat other men or wall, but the women cry.

The fair sex can shed bitter tears also that impotence. Men are in a desperate situation tend to take crucial decisions, and no matter how logical and reasonable they are, the main act. Women are also able to act decisively, but first they usually splash out all his resentment against the circumstances abundant or scanty tears. This is such a peculiar way to prepare for further difficulties and overcome them.

Love - this is one of the most common reasons to cry for the beautiful half of humanity. Unhappy unrequited love, mutual happy, lost, or just purchased - it does not matter. However, it is important, to whom it is directed feelings: the man, the parents or the child. And maybe even your favorite thing.

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