Where are the louts

Where are the louts
 Good manners are not given to man by birth. Moral and ethical standards in every society at every stage of its development are different. What is permissible for us now, even 30 years ago could find incredible rudeness.

Many of us know that our ancestors turned to his parents solely on "you". And it was not just the privileged families, but also sturdy peasant. Who would have sounded crazy, "Mom, do not pass you do me a piece of bread? "And then it was the norm. What is the norm now?

Respect for elders, even in our world of equal opportunity remains significant point of successful socialization. Teach it must be a child, showing by example. It is unlikely that the child will grow up well-mannered, if the parents can afford elementary disrespect to the older. If the mother is sitting on a bench discussing neighbor from the third floor, basting it with dirt with the rest of Gossip Girl, and next plays child, let this mother is surprised when the child got nasty this neighbor, and many others. Therefore, the child should not see how parents discuss the actions of adults in a negative way.

Most often disrespectful words break away from the mouth of a child, as a defensive reaction to an external threat. Can often see a picture when children play in the yard, and any not very balanced woman yelling at them, accusing him of all sins. Here the child pays rudeness for rudeness. Many adults do not feel the need to control yourself, talking to children, especially with strangers, believing it their duty to chastise them for minor offenses - was not there, do not you threw the ball, do not seat in transport.

Another reason for rudeness - the desire to attract attention. Psychologists agree that many young people are literally screaming for help, being in a desperate situation, and encouraging parents to help them.

For whatever reason a child or rude, you should take it very seriously. On the one hand, it must be negative at the same note. Thus you deprive a child to manipulate you, especially if the child provokes you to the scandal. On the other hand, leave the problem unattended is not worth it. If you have a trusting relationship with your child, try to find out the cause of this behavior and explain how it was necessary to do in a particular situation.

So, the answer to the question "Where are the louts? "Is obvious - they come from childhood. And every adult is responsible for instilling good manners not only their children, but also for all those kids with whom he has to face in life.

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