When the soul is crying

When the soul is crying
 Quite often you can hear the expression "soul cries," as a rule, a peculiar people who have fallen into depression or are on the verge. The sharp increase in the number of diagnosed depression in the 21st century is associated with the general disadvantage and uncertainty people in the future. Wars, epidemics, floods, political, social and economic factors - these and many other reasons have led to what is now a man of any age were exposed to the disease.
 Depression, though may be at any age, is more common in older people, particularly stroke. The difficulty of diagnosing this disease is that it can take place secretly, masquerading as other diseases, such as heart, causing constant pain, irregular, shortness of breath and fading. Such pain can not be cured. Man loses interest in everything.

In depression, possible loss of appetite or sleep disturbance. Sick as can be better, and lose weight significantly. Patient tormented by fever, nausea, sweating, choking. It may be a pain in the chest or abdomen, vomiting, numbness of the limbs. Those who are often prone to depressive states, already know the symptoms peculiar to them in advance and taking antidepressants prescribed by the doctor, and those who are faced with such a problem for the first time, delay treatment is not necessary.

One of the treatments for depression in psychotherapy is a respiratory-relaxation training. Its essence is that in the process of training you're coming from the thoracic breathing on the aperture, which will increase the length of exhalation twice in comparison with the inspiratory time. This leads to deeper breathing decrease activity of the brain stem and to improve vascular microcirculation. Internal stress is reduced, anxiety decreases.

Most often depression occurs in autumn and winter, this is due to lack of light. To compensate for this and to improve the overall condition of the patient, specialists use phototherapy. With the help of bright white light that passes through the retina, have an impact on the hypothalamus, which leads to an increase in dopamine and serotonin, necessary for normal functioning of the brain.

Among the signs of depression and sleep disturbance is called. Dream patient becomes anxious and superficial. Some sick can not sleep even with medications, then applied to them a method of sleep deprivation. The essence of this method is that the person does not give sleep for 36 hours, from morning till night sleepless night, the next day. Next come two nights of restorative natural sleep without medication. If all goes well - the third night without sleep is also carried out. If the patient's condition improves, further deprivation are held twice a month.

Treat insomnia can be less radical - the use of pillows with herbs or aromatic oils. If cushion with grass can be very swish or have a sharp unpleasant odor, you should use a napkin with aromatic oils, the provisions under the pillow. Oil should be unconcentrated. It is best to relieve the symptoms of depression suitable oils of frankincense, chamomile, jasmine, lavender, thyme, mint and anise.

Do not forget about herbal medicine. In the treatment of depressive states use fees following compositions:
- Motherwort, Cyprus, meadowsweet, oregano;
- Hop cones, hawthorn, thyme, marigold, valerian;
- Melissa, Lycopus, mugwort, dandelion, dill.

Take a decoction of these fees need to half a cup of morning and evening for three months. At night, you can add a spoonful of honey.

So the treatment of depression need to give up alcohol and smoking, eliminate the irritant nature of television viewing. Instead, work out, take a walk before going to bed and listen to music. Because of this, you can regain peace of mind, to adjust sleep and will actively resist depression.

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