Voice and non-verbal communication

Voice and non-verbal communication
 Have you noticed that on the phone talk is always more difficult? This is because you can not see the interlocutor, and he can not see you. It would seem, nothing wrong with that, in fact you can hear each other. But it is not so: the voice - not the most important part of communication.

Scientists have found that in the process of communication by voice people tell each other only 35% of the information. But how then take the remaining 65? It can not come up with the source of their own? Of course, the opponent did not think up, just when communicating people, without even noticing, are used not only voice.

Try it yourself for a subsequent while talking, and you will notice that the same phrase you can say with a different intonation, gestures, facial expressions, etc. These actions are almost beyond our consciousness and because they can be used to determine your true spirit. They can either confirm your words, or, conversely, to refute them. If your partner is familiar with the principles of non-verbal communication, the latter option would be distasteful to both you and him.

Nonverbal communication methods include intonation, pace and tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions, posture, location relative to the interlocutor. All of this is information about your emotional state, attitude to the opponent and to the subject. For example, if you are sitting, straightening his shoulders and lifted his head up, you feel confident and ready to receive the information. Such a posture you inspire confidence in the other person and at the same time demonstrate their independence.

On where you are in relation to your partner, you can judge the degree of your intimacy. For example, if there is between you and half a meter, it means that you have for the person sympathy and trust him. This is the most intimate area, and if it invades someone else's, it will be regarded as a psychological intervention. Therefore, with strangers better communicate at a distance of 1, 5 m. Both you and your partner will feel more comfortable.

Gestures can also say a lot about you. For example, it is possible to easily determine the temperament and thus his psychological characteristics. This knowledge will help you to intelligently communicate with people, build trust and achieve their goals.

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