There is no bad weather

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 Our life is full of surprises and tests. But it is thanks to them that people grow and develop. If you think positively, trying to find in every phenomenon something useful and positive, life seems quite bearable. How to resist and not to despair at any turns of fate? How to get out of every stressful situation, not offended by the whole world?

Attitude toward life determines everything that happens around people. It is important not the event itself, but the way a person feels about him. Positive thinking not only facilitates the existence of adults but also children, being with my parents-optimists are confident and cheerful.

Psychologists say that you need to learn from kids. In the children's emotions, perception of life is contained enormous potential positive decision adult problems. Hence, they need to come together - an adult, with all his knowledge, and the child with positive emotions and hope for the future.

Whatever happens, it is important to teach a child to expect from life only good to be optimistic and not succumb to despondency - that's the best basis worldview.

The ability to analyze the situation and constructive and not destructive act, learn to solve problems and draw conclusions, therefore, be an optimist. This intelligent adult should teach emotional child. To help your child become a cheerful, just need to follow a few rules.

1. It is necessary to explain to the child that the world is complex, surprising and cunning. Success comes only to those who know why he had come to light, and progressively goes to his goal.

Parents do not have to hide from children and complexity of the problem, do not wear them "rose-colored glasses" and the availability of child language concepts explain why life changes.

2. Try to solve problems together. Necessary to enable the child to understand what is wrong, and find a way to overcome. Learn to overcome difficulties - one of the essential features of an optimist.

3. It is necessary to keep track of your mood. In difficult times do not panic. Output is always there.

4. Be aware of your friends in difficult times they always help. All seem small and temporary, if the child is engaged in serious business.

Ability to communicate, listen and empathize, build relationships needed at any age. People - a collective, only among like-minded he can be happy.

5. Nothing happens by accident. If you have been given the test, it is necessary for your benefit and development. Try to find the positive side of what happened. Talk about it with your child. Life goes on, try to act.

6. Do not judge, and appreciate the child's actions. If crumbs could not solve the problem, but he tried, praise him.

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