The habit of lack of love

The habit of lack of love
 A huge number of single women are so accustomed to his condition, he did not even try to change something in my life. Lack of love becomes a habit, which change can be very difficult. Loneliness seems to be more comfortable and relaxed than the new relationships that do not know what will.
 Why are more women remain single, not even trying to find a suitable partner? Most often this happens because of the disappointment in men. From a previous relationship girls endure only negative - changes the partner is cheating, he lazy, parasite, an alcoholic, etc. The more failures on the love front was so scared woman enter into a new relationship. Loneliness becomes the norm, it offers a huge number of advantages. You can only do what you want to cook what you like, have a rest when it is convenient. A girl unrealized love energy distributes to children, if they are available, or pets. And, for the time being, quite happy with this situation.

However, after a certain period of time that has elapsed since the completion of another failed romance, the woman begins to think about finding a suitable partner. And the longer she was alone, the harder it is to make a choice. Outsider becomes an irritant, which brings about changes in usual life. Starting with the global - where to relax together, to tiny - what transmission see the evening before bedtime. Style and rhythm of existence changed completely, and not always happy with a woman, accustomed to do everything just as you want only to her.

Avoid complex adaptation to the new conditions of life can be if the partners do not arise simply passion and love. Then the man becomes the second half, and the desires of each other are perceived as their own. Disputes over household trifles does not arise. Two people understand that met their fate, and do not want to destroy all the stupid nagging. Then loneliness forgotten woman as a strange dream. And the further life, paired with the beloved, though will be a lot of discoveries, but they will all welcome and pleasant.

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