Syndrome "suitcase without a handle"

Syndrome "suitcase without a handle"
 Surely some of your friends still live on the principle of "hard to drag and throw a pity." The awareness of this often comes to the already well-established couples. It is this phenomenon psychologists often called syndrome "suitcase without a handle." Sometimes these couples break up, but quite often after a while they are reunited again. And often this event is not happy, but rather accepted as a "necessary evil."

In fact, the syndrome of "suitcase without a handle" can be explained by the dependence of one partner by the other. It is quite easy to explain: many girls from childhood become hostages of their own systems and myths, get rid of that very difficult.

For example, often annoying guys or men women are afraid to quit because not accustomed to being alone. They are shy, do not know how or do not want to start a new relationship, preferring already established old. Many the fairer sex feel that will be extremely vulnerable, left without a strong man's shoulder. Others are afraid to receive the title of "divorced woman" or "old maid."

Another "shackles" circumstance can become common property, a house or children. Most women are willing to do anything for their children to grow up in an intact family. However, the consequences of this choice still need to think about. Remember that dissatisfied parents, being constantly under stress due to the fact that they are forced to live with the unloved person, not an example to follow.

How not corny as it sounds, but the most common cause of "Suitcase" relationship is still a habit. Sometimes struggle with it is simply impossible. Mutual Friends, pastime, habits so become part of the lives of both partners that they can not change anything.

Recognize such relationships is quite simple. Usually disappear from them concepts such as love and affection, but there are jealousy, anger and distrust. People feel comfortable just live with each other. Often the partner is not considered the opinion of his "suitcase" and trying to manipulate them. Often in the company of friends he can afford uncomplimentary remarks about his second half, accusing it in all of its defeats and failures.

Such couples should leave quickly and decisively. It is advisable not to continue the dialogue with former lover, otherwise habit can once again take over. It would not have been difficult, but we need to discuss the reasons and motives of separation, as well as to dot the "i". After starting a new relationship can only be after all disappear in old innuendo.

Some people even after quite some time not able to recover after the break this relationship. In this case, help them can only be a specialist.

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