Squeezed like a lemon

Squeezed like a lemon
 In recent years, you begin to notice that you that something is happening: headache, stomach, throat, aching joints and the whole body. It is very difficult to focus, then constantly reeling, the sick, it seems even worse to see steel. And the most unpleasant - is a breakdown or even strange excitement that put into hysterics, and you're going to the doctor, thinking that you have the flu.

The doctor, of course, give the sick, and you bought a heap of tablets, hard to start treatment. And after all else fails, you start blaming the doctor. Stop. The doctor is not guilty, can you even more dangerous form of the disease under the outlandish name - chronic fatigue syndrome. That he makes you squeezed like a lemon.

Unfortunately, all people have symptoms of CFS are manifested in different ways. Even after many years of observations reasons for its occurrence, unfortunately, has not been fully explored. True scientists have found that particularly susceptible to this disease expansive and excitable by nature women. Men suffering from this disease in 2 times less. More than half are people of brainwork. Among them there are both workaholics and hating the work.

Constant tiredness, lethargy, apathy, and this at any time, you feel exhausted and devastated. If it last for several weeks or even months, it is safe to make the diagnosis - CFS. Skip to main symptom added to cold symptoms, muscle and joint pain, insomnia. And not surprisingly, the body is so weak that it becomes defenseless against disease.
This diagnosis in our clinics give it a very rare, as the patient should be observed for six months, which would make the diagnosis. But if the diagnosis is still delivered immediately start treatment.

First of all, you have to let your body relax, but do not go somewhere, climate change will not benefit. You can relax at home, read a book, watching a movie, take a walk in the fresh air. Need to sleep then when I want to, but no more than 8-9 hours. During the rest your body slowly heals itself. It is necessary to do auto-training.

Configures itself only on positive thoughts, suspended from everyday worries. Learn to feel your body and always think of him only with love, imagine that you have already dealt with the disease. Generate a good mood, do yourself a gift, and remember to recover from CFS in your power. Recovery should be gradual.
In addition to the elementary relaxation massage and help water treatments, soothing fees. All vitamins and minerals may be appointed only after a blood test, since the excess of those components, as well as their wealth does not lead to the opposite effect.

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