Speak the truth must also be able

Speak the truth must also be able
 Lie, of course, is bad. But sometimes it is necessary. People who tell the truth always and in all circumstances, very quickly find themselves without work, without a spouse, without money and without national recognition. It is believed that a lie - the invention of civilization. Speak aloud what you think in fact, has become the norm for every educated man. Lying is sometimes vital, so decide for yourself when to speak the truth. Most importantly, do it right.

1. Lying necessary as seldom as possible.
Telling the truth only when it promises real benefits. Inept liars can not stop, they lie all the time, on the little things and unnecessarily. Skilled liars, on the contrary, carefully guard their secret weapon. They do not use it as long until they realize that this was the right time. Reputation of an honest man - this is a bonus that allows you to lie with impunity.

2. Prepare a legend in advance.
Do not wait for interrogation to compose his fiction on the go. The easiest way to detect lies at its first scoring. This is because, once lied, people say in strength version and stop being afraid of imminent exposure. So first test the legend on the unfamiliar person. Another good way - attract reliable accomplices. Girlfriend, who will confirm that you all night helping her look for a lost dog, a colleague who will inform the authorities that you left an urgent call customer in the midst of the working day.

3. Manipulate the truth.
The hardest thing to expose the lie seems to be true. In general, you are telling the truth. But do it in such a way that the audience is composed entirely different impression. Technically it can be partial withholding information, filing it in the right perspective for you, evasiveness or ambiguity statements.

4. Add the details.
The abundance of detail, especially strangers, makes the listener relate to your story with great confidence. The listener thinks so: for example, she lied to me about a stuck elevator. She is beneficial because it removes the blame for the delay. But why would she told about the old woman who was stuck in the elevator with her and was very worried that will not look your favorite TV series?

5. Do not hesitate to slander themselves.
Fantasy Beginners lgunishek usually indicates their high self-esteem. They rip all deadlines works only for legitimate and even noble reasons. Such justification derive from the audience itself. Hard to believe that someone who you know inside out, is actually more significant and even disinterested person. So when you need to get out of that no matter what, your lies must represent your lady in the most unfavorable light. And the fact that you actually corrected overnight pillow ailing mother in law - leave with him. Anyway, no one will believe.

6. Lie smoothly.
To lie skillfully, you must have a good memory, logic and excellent craftsmanship storyteller. Can not remember all the details of its history - write them down. Create a well-protected file on your computer and re-read from time to time to refresh your memory. Control your words, not only with the main object of lies, but also with all those with whom he may come in contact. To hype did not open, do not tell different people different versions of its history.

7. Learn to control yourself.
It has long been observed that beginners usually liars stutter, rub behind the ear, nose and scratching avert their eyes. But the masters of deception does not possess a less well-known actors. During the experiments, it was found that the degree of trust in the other party does not depend so much on the veracity of words as they were told.

8. Do not panic if you do not work out.
You are caught in a lie. All. Nowhere to retreat. What to do? The main thing is not to panic. Silent, smiling, in any case not to indulge in explanations or try to justify, giving another poorly cobbled together a lie. You can even silently apologize. But do not specify what. The more you are able to maintain the dignity, the more understanding you will meet. Let all believe that by nature you are a good, honest man. And you lie forced circumstances. And we need only regret: very much a difficult situation you have.

This is the ultimate professional skills.

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