Social phobia: how to get rid of the problem

Social phobia: how to get rid of the problem
 The term "social phobia" not so long ago introduced into medical practice, and recently became "fashionable" diagnosis, or rather self-diagnosis. Therefore, the Council of a series of "pull yourself together, get rid of their fears, smile a world" will not help you.

It is necessary to understand what is social phobia. Often referred to as social phobia shy, avoid contact person or classic introvert who enjoys solitude and does not feel much need to communicate.

A social phobia - a disease. It appears that the person is experiencing irrational, inexplicable fear of communicating with people. There is increasing anxiety social phobia sometimes only at the thought that he needed to talk to strangers, to talk among strangers strangers, and sometimes may start even panic attacks.

Social phobia often suffers from his illness, he feels inferior, but can not bring himself, "pull themselves together" as often advise surrounding that perceive this behavior as a whim.

Social phobia typically begins in childhood, although it can develop in adults. Social phobia usually affects children very strict and authoritative parents who constantly criticized them, creating a complex and clumsy bungler. Or, on the contrary, fear of communicating with people can occur in children who are in the family received constant attention and endless enthusiastic praise.

Psychologists believe that the emergence of social phobia promotes a combination of very high internal ambitions and low self-esteem. Ie when a person craves praise and at the same time terribly afraid that he did not receive. So afraid that, without realizing it himself, avoids if it can, communication, public actions and statements, attention.

If you have a really social phobia (this diagnosis should put an experienced doctor, and not yourself!) Rather than shyness, for example, then it is better to try to get rid of. Social phobia can be interesting sounds when you say to someone, "Oh, you know, I have a social phobia, which my party! "But, in fact, it's neurosis, which can paralyze the whole life of man, ruining his career, personal life, well-being and sense of self.

Therefore, if diagnosed with "social phobia", you need to seek professional help. Experienced psychotherapist will help you to understand the reasons for his social phobia and, if possible, get rid of them by assigning a course of psychotherapy in combination with medication.

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