Silence - gold!

Silence - gold!
 "The word - silver, silence - gold! "- This saying has been known since ancient times. Its analogs are in many languages ​​of the world. Why is that? Is it really - to remain silent rather than speak? No, do not take it so literally meaning. Simply wise ancestors were well aware: in other circumstances, no need to hurry with the words. Better how to think about their speech or a replica, weighing every word. Or even for some time to refrain from words, to remain silent, even when literally bursting with resentment, anger, I want to speak, not really mince words.

For example, discusses a truly important question, and the price of a wrong decision can be very high. Here haste, saying simply misplaced! Better how to think things through, and only then express their opinion.

And if a person considers himself a victim of injustice, it is very difficult to remain objective, to assess the situation, to stop in time. Anger - a bad adviser. It is so clear and natural - to snap back, say what you think about. Here the list can be very long: snapper husband, who yelled at his wife came home from work; lazy wife, cook dinner; unfair boss to complain (it after you worked for two, without straightening the back). It goes on and on.

And yet - it is better to find the strength to resist the immediate, and asking for a response. Try to mentally take the place of a man who, as you seem to have offended you, and try to understand the essence of his claims? Why he suddenly got against you?

Rudeness husband, of course, does not make him honor. But if the day was at work - enemy does not want, and his wife right on your doorstep, without even letting him change, beginning "Georgia" new challenges. There would be enraged and holy! So she should at least recognize their share of the blame for the surge of emotion.

And the lack of a hot meal will please no one. Well, if the wife did not have time to cook it because it was urgently summoned to the diseased mother? Or at her workplace was Abraham, had to stay? Blame the wife in this situation selfish and unfair.

Or are you angered the chief that in the confusion of work has forgotten about his assignment? Even if it seemed unimportant to you, especially since you are in fact been loaded "through the roof". Head might well regard this episode as a sign of disrespect to him.

Now imagine that in each case described a man who considered himself wronged, begin to snap and put forward a bunch of counter-claims. Where will this lead?

Truly - it is better to remain silent, to overcome resentment. And then, when the two sides "cool" to try to understand. Calmly, without emotion and rude.

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