Piercer define character

Piercer define character
 Fairly new fashion for body piercing has gained a significant number of fans among both sexes. But, as in most cases, among fans of the original decorations championship win, of course, a girl his own taste and style that allows you to translate into piercings and some features of his character.

In this particular emotional and mental warehouse of women can read not only the design of the jewelry, but also its location. For example, a navel piercing addicted to easy and independent person. They tend to coquetry and love attention.

Ladies, adds a number of earrings in your ears, tend to suffer from a lack of communication and attention to peers. They may be classified rather to closed expansive than individuals. They are picky in choosing clothes and new acquaintances, sometimes conflict, but always eccentric and interesting to others.

Facial piercings characterizes women as bold and straight, not accustomed to get things done in a roundabout way. They are able to call on the public, have a relatively exotic taste and love of travel and flamboyant style.

As for the immediate form of jewelry, the thin rings speak of selectivity and contradictory nature. These girls have power over others, subtly but surely gaining their attention. Their attitude to life can not be called easy, and often for a sweet smile hides a sad story.

Ladies who prefer a piercing round "studs" - solid and confident personality. Their inner world is self-sufficient, is rich and does not need anyone's approval. To win the tender affection of a girl can only open the onslaught, but certainly respectful.

Owners of fun decorations in the form of flowers, butterflies and cartoon characters could be considered frivolous and windy, but only at first glance. Probably, these girls want to be kids and are in need of tender care and protection, and perhaps it is only a sample of the style, showing wide interests and willingness to experiment.

Lover is clear geometric forms peculiar, unbanal and demanding to others. They are difficult to cheat. They can be good and loyal friends, but intolerant of empty flattery and bragging.

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