Particularly dangerous age: a quarter life crisis

Particularly dangerous age: a quarter life crisis
 In my life, man several times passes serious age-related changes that lead to a change in perception of the world and their role in it. Perhaps the most significant are the periods of entry into middle age and the beginning of the period of aging. The latter is associated with a serious reassessment of values ​​in life and its role in the world, and the first, highlights the opportunity for the first time to see the events through the eyes of an adult. Not by chance, in some countries, is considered an adult only person who has reached 25 years abroad.

So, what happens to people when about a quarter of a life already behind. First of all, lost youthful optimism, which comes to replace the desire stability. At the same time, begin to oppress complexes revaluations and suddenly emerging phobias. Danger of the situation may be that not every person has a solid foundation in the form of moral and ethical components. Many people try to compensate for the loss of the "rose-colored glasses" youth something that can temporarily bring back the joy and colors. Unfortunately, such "tools" are often alcohol or drugs.
If we remember that we are talking about the crisis, it will be clear what it may lead ...

What do those whose psyche can not withstand stress, who do not know how to deal with coverage of confusion? First of all, understand that every age crisis is a way to find something important, to see new horizons and is a breeding ground for development. Very often the problems that seem to have no solutions - not problems, but a consequence of the negative mental activity.
Best allies in the fight with the creatures of his own mind, become physical activity combined with spiritual practices. Not necessarily recorded in the school of meditation, it is enough to read literature and to develop trends to make informed decisions.

And too emotional natures are advised not to leave their cargo crisis in itself, but do not rush to share experiences with others.
Much more important is to find those students who are focused on helping you. And those who are able to provide such assistance.

It is believed that the services of professional psychologists are quite expensive. This is true, but that does not mean it can not find absolutely free helpline or group psychological mutual aid. The main thing is not to aggravate the situation and remember that not all the questions you need to answer right now.

Over time, an assessment of their relevance may vary. Everyone who will take his first serious age crisis, guaranteed stable and several quiet years. Until the next crisis ... What to do? That's how we grow.

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