Life of your dreams: do what you like

Life of your dreams: do what you like
 Throughout his life we ​​are trying to meet certain standards. What would others? As I have done in this situation any normal person? Do not condemn me if I would agree to that? A life lived in accordance with the rules of someone else - someone else's life. Live as you want, here and now, without looking at the whole world. It's the life of your dreams: do what you like and be really happy!

Be an ideal example to others want every person. But this title is more a burden than happy. Driven into by his own box, the constant pursuit of perfection and suffering in case of failure - the flip side of "I live in conformity with the norms of society around me."

Everyone - individual. Nevertheless, society throughout life is constantly striving to deprive us of this individuality. Moral norms, rules of conduct are not always justified reason and the principles of human society. Why not wear a mini-skirt, if you're over 45, but your legs are prettier than some 20-year-olds? Why not take traumatic sport, if the soul asks adrenaline, and parents beg for judgment? Why not start a brilliant career in the capital only because the home made to marry and raise children on reaching the eighteenth?

Constantly looking at someone else's opinion, we are depriving themselves of the opportunity to live my life with their unique unique mistakes and achievements. Life - like a blank sheet. And we - true artists capable of spoiling the canvas or paint a masterpiece. But the picture in any case will reflect the real "I" of each one of us.

The world around us is incredibly interesting. To grasp it, to taste all the pleasures of life and breathe, you should not rely on and look at other people's experience. Something tells quit paying job for life in a tranquil village, which thirsts for the soul? So, we must try to start a new life. Because sooner or later, but it certainly come a time when you regret never embodied in the life plans and dreams. It is better to try and make the opposite, than a lifetime to suffer the question: how would my life there was, if I had acted differently?

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