Life Management

Life Management
 The modern world exposes people are very frequent and severe tests. Planck's success is getting higher and higher. There are various methods for improvement and personal growth. Sometimes, more than professional skills needed other qualities - discipline, positive attitude, quick response, vital courage in making decisions. In short - the ability to control their own lives. Just for this, and is Life - management.

Life management - it is a science, designed to simplify the life of a person while not compromising quality. This system helps people to properly organize their work and leisure time control, manage emotions, cope with stress, communicating with people accept new techniques of self-development.

Life management - it is a strategy planning time life in general. Remember the catch phrase: "Live your life so that was not painfully hurt"? Life Management helps it to you to be proud of themselves and happy with their lives.

Here are the basic steps that you need to do in this way:
• Draw a circle of the main values ​​in life.
• Identify vital reference path and navigate to them.
• Set a realistic, visible targets.
• Consider a plan for moving towards these goals: minimum and maximum.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this process - identify the main values ​​of life. How to do it? Listen to yourself. Analyze how you have lived up to this point - what are the core areas of your life that you rely on.

In contrast to the situational and professional values, life values ​​cover the most important areas of human life. As research program Sinton, life values ​​can be assigned to the nine main categories, namely:
• Home, comfort, money.
• Beauty, health, harmonious development.
• Education, professional development.
• Love, excitement, entertainment and recreation.
• Family, understanding, children.
• My business, my projects.
• Career, power, status.
• Personal growth and development, social and psychological skills.
• Spiritual growth, knowledge of life, the realization of destiny.

Thus, they can be grouped into three main core areas of life:
• Business, business, work.
• Life.
• The growth and development of the individual.

Unfortunately, professional training courses where you can learn Life management, no. There are several books and trainings, but you can do even without them. This method is based on the desire to improve their lives and self-discipline. Therefore, you will need to rely on your experience and have the will to achieve their goals.

First Understand yourself and prioritize. You surely have dreams and desires. Motives and wishes can be many, and the first thing you need to make a list of desires - a very clear and precise. Record every wish individually and as specific as possible.
For Example:
• «I want to be rich" - not a very good option.
• «I have organized their own business, which brings a steady income" - much better.

Begin to describe step by step chain. Each step shall describe in detail and detail. Go step by step from step to step, what they will be described in more - the better.

Then mark the time frame. Each task set to be executed in a clear time frame.

After that - start to implement your plans. Remember - it is your own plans for your own life. Thank you for yourself is the best advisor and can only wish myself good. Do not wait for tomorrow twist to a happy life. Begin to live happily right now.

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