Know thyself. Aphrodite and Psyche us

Know thyself. Aphrodite and Psyche us
 Mythology - an invaluable source of information on the way of man's knowledge of himself. That can give a woman acquaintance with the Greek goddess archetypes? Consider the path of a woman's soul by the example of Aphrodite and Psyche - two archetypes of femininity.

Some unknown force draws us all to follow the path of learning about the world and themselves. The ancient sages believed that self-knowledge - is the highest knowledge to which man should aspire.

Only through understanding himself a person can find their own way and place in life, such a person lives in peace with yourself and with others.

Mythology and pantheon are an invaluable source of information on the way of man's knowledge of himself. First drew attention to this great psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, who gave the world the concept of archetypes.

What is Archetypes?

Archetype concept can not be characterized by a single definition. In simplified form, the archetype can be called "recurring image that reflects human emotions and behavior at all times and in different cultures." (Bernard A.Lietar).

KG. Jung wrote: "Archetypes - complexes of experience that are coming at us like fate, and their impact is on everyone's life. Vital principle no longer crosses our path as a deity, but it may be our intimate personal failure or success of our best. When, for example, a highly respected professor at the age of seventy throws his family and flees with a young golden-haired actress, we know that the gods demanded another victim. "

Familiarity with the Greek goddess archetypes can become a kind of compass for the woman-assistant in the life journey. Goddess in each of us is a powerful invisible forces that influence our behavior, feelings and emotions. On the example of goddesses can find their own quality and the quality of other people. You can visit the personal insights, keen sense of recognition.

Particular value for understanding the psychology of women has the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche. Cupid (Eros, Cupid) - God of Love, the son of the most beautiful and powerful of the goddesses of Olympus - Aphrodite. Psyche - the daughter of an earthly king, beloved of Eros, pass a difficult and dangerous journey before becomes immortal and becomes the wife of Eros. In the struggle for happiness and love Psyche will face serious confrontation with Aphrodite, deal with incredibly difficult tasks, she instructs the goddess of love and beauty. Passing through these tests, Psyche gets access to their own power and becomes a full-fledged goddess. Zeus arranges wedding of Eros and Psyche. Psyche and Eros have a daughter named Pleasure.

Story of Psyche - is one of the most exciting and filled with deep meaning example of the development of the female soul. Any woman on her life path passes through difficult stages of personal transformation.
Aphrodite and Psyche live in every woman.

Aphrodite - the goddess, who was born overseas. It has a primitive oceanic feminine power, reigning in their maritime domains. Depths of the sea in this case is a symbol of the unconscious, a vast unfathomable mysterious force that is almost inaccessible to consciousness.

Psyche - the embodiment of the human soul. It is divinely beautiful and it is compared with Aphrodite. But Psyche is too much for a normal daily life of spiritual depth and suffers from it.

Many troubles of the modern woman linked to the confrontation of these two images: Aphrodite and Psyche. Psyche task is to learn to use their humanity to curb and mitigate the great ocean archetypal feminine power.

Only after passing through the trials of Aphrodite, Psyche acquires new qualities and becomes the Goddess. Originally dangerous power of Aphrodite became a necessary condition for the Psyche of her feminine soul and gain new strength.

Familiarity with the history of Psyche allows any woman to look at your feminine way of life in a new way. We can use the wisdom that gives us in abundance this myth to see in their lives and in myself that we were previously unavailable.

In each personal life story can be found mythological dimension. Knowledge about archetypes for example Goddesses, can be a valuable resource for access to the necessary forces and qualities in his own soul.

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