Intuition is like a sixth sense

Intuition is like a sixth sense
 Intuition, or the so-called sixth sense - it is a certain process of gathering some information that does not use our normal senses, experience, memory, experience, or other instruments of mental character, although intuition to some extent based on them at the time of the interpretation of the information collected.

Intuition does not use or disclose the reasoning as a specific sequence of steps of logical order. Sixth Sense just feels intuition is simply knows.

Where reasonable minds performs certain calculated and consistent steps necessary intuition acts like a flash of lightning.

Sixth Sense gives a picture of reality, instantly offering particles present in the form of sensations in the body or special characters. And those and others are to be interpreted and combined into one, to get a coherent picture.

For example, intuitive abilities trader or businessman described as the perception of something instinctive way. If professional investors need to grasp the pulsation of the market and adequately respond to the slightest change in his, he actively listens to her pulse. As soon as there is the slightest change and a shift in the "ECG", he feels that in a few days to prepare for significant changes in the market. He is aware of it instantly. Thus, he has time to react effectively. If he loses vigilance, then the signal will be lost, and as a result he will lose their deposits, and it is the profit that can not lose.

In the Stone Age, our ancestors intuition needed to survive among the dangers that lay in wait for them mercilessly at every step. It is known that in those hard times daily survival was problematic, human life is directly dependent on how it is adapted to the environment. Those people who had a well-developed sixth sense, were more likely to survive and not to die. In our genes just "sitting" intuition, which is patiently waiting for his "star" hour.

Intuition is directly related to our brain, namely the so-called pineal gland. Development of intelligence related to active development of the cerebral cortex.

Research has shown that the brain of modern man is much greater than that of the ancient. Therefore, intensive development and change of the cerebral cortex strongly choked function of the pineal gland, and as a result we have lost the ability to actively intuition.

Intelligence appropriated operating functions of intuition, completely replacing its logical and "understandable" foresight. But intuition is not lost, sometimes in the most seemingly right moment she tells us.

Man must learn to develop a sixth sense and hear his voice.

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