In search of lost femininity

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 Woman in the modern world - no longer downtrodden housewife throughout dependent on the husband. She earns, self-sufficient and family to be able to raise a child alone and move mountains if necessary. But a woman is always a woman, even as cool business lady. So how do you maintain and keep this elusive feminine charm and remain weak and fragile, even if you - the director of the company.

What is femininity? Probably each of us responds to this question on your own. First of all, it is the ability to remain a woman in any situation, even the strongest requiring courage. Woman, carrying over his shoulder logs and easy to manage with a team of guest workers, oddly enough, can also be gentle and easy. Here, perhaps, all the matter in some inner sense of self.

Femininity - is primarily a perfect appearance. And it is not only beauty, flawless makeup and hair, put most well-kept and the ability to look after themselves. After all, you can not use makeup, summer job in the field, but have a neat appearance and a clean head, nails and clothes, and look at this delicate and feminine. After all, the true beauty of women is not in kilograms makeup, it is within us.

Often women are forced to take on the responsibilities of women do not. Many are raising children without a husband, feed the family and ensure the device home and farm. This lady could easily tap and fix and nail, where necessary, to drive, and is engaged in repair, if necessary. How not to lose their femininity, performing purely a man's job? Try to diversify your life. Make it something that would be purely feminine Entertainment: a beauty salon, spa or shopping center of fashionable things. Even if your life does not consist of entertainment and rest on our laurels queen of men's hearts, give a little time to his female. Develop your inner beauty and sexuality, learn to love yourself - it's the most important thing!

Always remember about their feminine nature. You are a woman, and be proud of it, think about it at all times. And do not envy the models walking down the runway. Do you believe me, its own beauty and grace. Keep a sense of individuality, do not try to imitate anyone, be yourself. Femininity - this is how you present yourself to others. Here it does not matter, you are dealing with men or with women. Such a thing as a sexy, too, is not perceived solely the opposite sex. If a woman is beautiful and sexy, this notice and her friends, and men. So do not get hung up on one thing, always be irresistible and feminine.

The woman - a mother, a woman - a lover, sister, friend and grandmother. In each of us there is always a hidden tenderness and strength, perhaps that is what is femininity. Do not miss it, keep it in your soul and give to others. After all, born a woman - is the greatest happiness in the world.

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