How to turn patience a virtue. Tips psychoanalyst

How to turn patience a virtue. Tips psychoanalyst
 The sages say that everything is good in moderation. Any character trait expressed excessively, can turn from virtue to vice. Get at least patience - golden quality. However, if it has no boundaries, it may make the owner of this trait in life deadlock.

Partial answers to questions about how patience becomes a virtue, there is in psychoanalysis. In this part of the science of psychology is divided into three components of personality: instinctive ("It"), reasonable ("ego") and moral ("super-ego").

Psychoanalysts believe that the essence of patience or impatience lies in the relationship between the instinctive, rational and moral part of the soul. If instincts prevail, and morality can not curb them, he becomes impatient. If moral pressure on a man so much that he does not heed the instincts, he becomes too patient.

In psychoanalysis, it is believed that the instinctive desire to reconcile with the pressure of public morality can reasonable part of the soul ("Ego").

In fact, all we are looking for a compromise between natural desires and social pressure. Somehow, much of what is considered bad and indecent, very nice. Overeating, alcohol, sexual excesses, greed condemned by the society. But bring us satisfaction from food, drink, sex, or possession of things.

Patience is not in vain considered positive personality traits. Society approves shy, nestyazhatelstvo, the ability to control their instincts. And they stem from patience, ability to experience discomfort from the lack of the desired satisfaction.

So why is it too patient people reviled by society? Because of their natural principle crushed moralistic part of the soul. It interferes with the normal human existence. Too patient in eating, people can fall anorexia. And ignore the sex of the person able to amass a bunch of hormonal and nervous disorders.

Psychoanalysts are advised to use the mind to reconcile instincts and morals. If you see that played in patience, time for you to begin to learn to understand a natural part of his nature. Understand and accept those of its manifestations, which allow pleasure to receive, and not inconsistent with the rules and regulations of society.

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