How to train yourself just to get up in the morning

How to train yourself just to get up in the morning
 People by nature are divided into "owls" and "larks". One work better at night, others - in the afternoon. "Larks" often already awake when the "owl" just go to bed. But if you find it hard to get up in the morning, it does not mean that you "owl". Therefore, it is always possible to ease the minute morning rise.

In general, the distinct "owls" and "larks" only 20 percent. This means that four out of five people may be those and others. If you need to retrain in "The Lark", you will be our recommendation.

Set the sleep and wakefulness

You probably know how much ideally you need to sleep. This lack some five hours, and some need to sleep off for ten hours. If you're not getting up in the morning, try to go to bed early. A few days your body can resist change mode, then you learn to go to sleep early. And then you wake up and it will be easier.

Think of a pleasant morning ritual

For some it's a warm shower to the music, and for someone - coffee mug alone. One would like to watch the news before work, other positive charges browsing friends in a social network. Highlight yourself a little time to your favorite activity in the morning. Get up with the attitude that you are waiting for nice things, and in time it will be easier to wake up in the morning.

Timely solve problems working

Watch yourself, and you will see that you find it hard to get up in the morning is not always, but only in certain periods. If the conflict in the office, if you need to add hated the report, if it is necessary to do something for a colleague who is unpleasant to you, you probably are going with a heavy heart to work. And your body is involved in the protest, refusing to wake up on time.

Talk with the leadership of the operation

Many companies are going to meet the staff, especially if they are not related to work with clients. If your position allows you to come to 11 or 12 in the morning and go later, you can discuss it with his superiors. If you really "owl", and your period of productive work is shifted closer to the evening, try to convey that message to the boss. You can understand and hear!

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