How to restrain emotions

How to restrain emotions
 Emotion - a natural reaction to an event, no matter how small. On the ability to restrain emotions often judged on the overall level of education and human culture. Questions maintaining peace in conflict situations have been studied as an ancient religious teachings and modern science.
 The easiest way to keep emotions - to abandon them. Another ancient Greek philosophers noticed that life is filled with happiness and grief are not half - sorrow prevail. Therefore, in order not to feel sorrow, we have to give up the joys, remain calm and serene at all times. In the light of this statement postulate Epicurus: "Higher fun - the absence of all pleasures" - does not seem absurd and contradictory.

Much success in controlling emotions and their manifestations reached Buddhists. With the help of special exercises a person learns to control his attention, focusing on the internal equilibrium and not being distracted by external stimuli. In particular, the yogic technique is nothing else but the impact on their mental state through exercise. Affecting certain points of the body, relaxing the muscles, developing a sense of balance, a person learns to remain calm both externally and internally.

The fitness centers teach yoga for a different purpose - just to develop the flexibility of the body and some physical parameters. If you want to strengthen it emotional balance, have a lot of work with the teacher owning equipment at a sufficiently high level.

In addition to the internal work on yourself, continue to communicate with people. When stress occurs remember and use the techniques learned in the art. Directory of aggression in a new direction: for example, on the question or delivered between you and your partner obstacle. In any situation, keep a sincere positive attitude to it.

And most importantly, do not forget that restrain and suppress emotions are not always helpful. During a violent quarrel, too, can identify the causes of serious differences that in a peaceful situation suppressed, ignored or seemed insignificant. And once you know, then, can be eliminated.

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