How to overcome aggression

How to overcome aggression
 Aggressive behavior causes stress and a variety of diseases, thus depriving him of a comfortable relationship with the society, self-esteem and self-confidence. How should properly dispose of increased irritability and aggressiveness?
 Struggle with aggression should always begin by identifying its root causes. Most people behave irritably and aggressively because of various fears and internal systems, lack of confidence, lack of love and self-esteem to the person. Also, excessive hostility towards others may experience licentious and spoiled man who was not inclined to control their behavior, accustomed to permissiveness.

Thus, the causes of anger behavior abound, and the mechanism to combat aggression alone. The most important thing that has to make an individual who decided once and for all get rid of his temper, - love yourself and the world around us. That love is hidden from the main remedy anger and hatred. A person who does not love himself, is not able to truly love someone else. With love comes respect and self-control, without which it is impossible to build a harmonious relationship with society. Only someone who truly loves herself and people trying to coordinate with the opinions of others. Such a person is fully aware that only by abiding by the principle of not causing harm, it is possible to achieve a sense of inner peace and happiness.

If you now and then wakes up evil and ruthless beast, refer to spiritual practice. Learn Buddhism, learn yoga and meditation. Try to go to a vegetarian diet, because the presence of meat in the diet is considered by many spiritual leaders, significantly increases the level of aggressiveness of the individual. Begin to love nature, not only in words but also in deeds.

Temper your expectations from others, then you do not have to be disappointed, and fly into a rage. In conflict situations, learn to ignore the source of irritation. Close your eyes and count to a hundred, presenting itself in the glow of orange sunset at the seaside. Never respond to rudeness to rudeness, be wiser. Try to transform evil into good. In short, spiritual and personal cultivation necessarily contribute to the fact that you will become a much more restrained and softer substantially complying the character.

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