How to get rid of the consequences of the conflict

How to get rid of the consequences of the conflict
 Ideal families in which no case of disagreement, are very rare. In many families, even those with spouses harmonious relations, conflict situations. Usually quarrel not pose a threat to family relationships, if the time to settle the consequences of conflict.  
 After the conflict is always a question: "Who is to blame? ". In this case, we must try not to accuse the other side, and look for ways to resolve the conflict. Since the odds are always to blame for both husband and wife, it is necessary to recognize and guilt. It is very important to draw the appropriate conclusions.

First we need to pause, wait until the dust settles. And only then engage in a constructive dialogue. When critical information has already been noted, it is necessary to start a conversation. That is, in any quarrel should try to make the first step and find neutral words.

For example, say: "I am very sorry that all this happened." Or, "Let's think about how we prevent this in the future." If you just leave it at that and start talking as if nothing had happened, it is no good will not.

Innuendo creates misunderstandings between partners. As a result, the couple can not stand no lesson from the conflict, and the situation remains unresolved. Therefore, it can be repeated at any other time.

During the interview after the conflict should try to hear each other, and do not blame him. It is important not to raise the tone, keep the conversation correctly, not to offend, to speak only on the merits and only about a situation that happened "here and now". Conflicts that were before, should not be mentioned.

Need to make concessions. That is, after hearing the opposite view, it is necessary to admit his guilt, if it takes place, and try not to do more so.

Also express their grievances in a calm tone, assessing not man, but only his actions. In this case, in any case can not make generalizations words: "you always ....". Such words can flare up again a quarrel. It is better to talk about their feelings: "I feel so tired when ...."

After a constructive dialogue, when emotions have cooled, it is important to calm down. And to think together about how not to quarrel in the future. Further, after the storm in the family spouses have to somehow relax.

As reconciliation is possible to present "his half" gift. You can take a trip to visit an interesting exhibition or simply dine in the restaurant. The main thing - is to get positive emotions.

And then try never to think about the conflict and not to reproach each other HISTORICAL errors.

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