How to forgive myself for treason

How to forgive myself for treason
 You have changed your husband or young person. Now you can not sleep or eat or simply to live in peace, and all because you just can not forgive herself treason. Do you remember what happened is terrible and you are struggling to forget everything.

Is it worth it to forget? Yes, you've changed. Yes, betrayal - not because of good deeds. However, any act is preceded by some events. Think you so well with the person who is now next to you. Surely not. Because otherwise you would not go to the party because women by nature are not polygamous. If they feel comfortable with the person they met, in the head, even thought there is no treason, it's just not necessary.

This does not mean that every quarrel, when a girl gets bad, it at the same moment runs into the arms of the first comer. Relationship - a very complex thing, they are present as joyful moments, and not so. Most likely, you simply fatigued from a lack of understanding and joy in the relationship.

In addition, many of the men reproach myself for treason. Think of the stronger sex can be counted on the fingers. You know your man is like no other. As if he lived, if he slipped in a similar way? If the same as before, then why do not you hide guilt somewhere far away.

But if you absolutely unbearable, and you know that your partner never would have acted in this way, and you love him madly, then help some solution to this problem is going to church. Repentance - it does not mean that now the rest of their lives need to judge yourself and bat on the head. This means that you understand and do not repeat such mistakes. You are very sorry for what he did act, and betrayal - it is really a fatal mistake, confess and start life anew.

And if you dare to confess his half, then prepare to talk thoroughly. Think about all the words, all the arguments. Do not instigate a conversation at the wrong time, for example, when you are standing in a traffic jam. The partner must be configured to talk to you. Just remember, you do not need to dump all the responsibility on him. In both problems is always to blame, but he did not force you to change it.

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