How to find happiness

How to find happiness
 Happiness, no matter how abstract it may be, is the subject of dreams of all people. Those who are lonely tend to find a soul mate, but those who have a couple, want the relationship continued and kept the old tenderness and love. So what needs to be done to meet their own happiness, and how not to miss the right turn towards him?
 First, do not need to worry because you have befallen failures and fall into the abyss of black depression, convincing myself that no one else and will never let you fall in love. Do not forget that your life will be just what you want for yourself. And therefore forget the tears and constant nagging, tighten their belts and squeeze into a fist. Your task now - to mobilize all forces and capabilities to happiness, lost somewhere in the distance, you could find the shortest path.

Ever forget that self-pity. You sit and wait so unhappy prince who must save you plucked from the depths of misery and lack of money. If the original settings such search, luck should not count. Tell me, why Prince sufferer in tears, which, moreover, still need somewhere to save? At all times, men were interested in successful free woman who knows her worth and able to spend time with benefits, even if only around the desert and camels. It is therefore revising its outlook on life and relationships, and learn self-reliance. As paradoxical as it may sound, to find a mate and be happy in a relationship, you must first learn to be happy alone.

Keep a diary. This is a great way to throw out all your thoughts on paper, ponyt, complain, complain about what is happening and no one is not to spoil the mood. Even if you are used to wearing all in itself and not to share with other sorrows, emotions still need somewhere to throw out. Paper - the best place for that. At the same time you kill a few birds with one stone: for the soul and stop thinking that you are worried about day and night. In addition, recording his thoughts on paper, you'll soon notice that immediately get their solutions. Your diary of room for tears and doubts turn into an action plan that will soon play in your favor. You do have to build their happy future!

Do not limit your circle of contacts. If you sit at home on the weekend, do not go anywhere except the shops and libraries and waiting while the man of your dreams will suddenly around a bend, the chances of you have extremely small. Of course, anything can happen, but a woman who communicates with hundreds of people, opportunities to meet new people is much greater than that of the one that speaks only with his grandmother and TV. Be active, we are talking about your future, take it into their own hands.

Try to imagine the details of how it will look your only one. It may be difficult to do, but there are no restrictions and. Can slash logs and find the appropriate type or, as is often done heroine of the film, glue the pieces of the perfect man people that you like. Your task - to get the image, which you can think of. A visualization, believe me, works wonders. It is worth passing furnish your home, future, car, children, and the color of the tile in the bathroom. Who said that the dream - a futile exercise?

Be sure that soon your life will be a new and bright feeling. This is the most important thing in planning. Just be sure and do it!

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